Homeowner Tip: Check the Age of Your Water Heater

We get a lot of calls for busted water heaters and water heater leaks. But, as homeowners, we can all be proactive and check on them before they break. We can easily look for signs of age, and possibly catch them before they bust and leak all over our hardwood floors, or flood our basement,

In this photo, shown here, you can see a water heater “catch pan” (see the black bowl at the bottom). We see these often in homes. By the time we see these, they are full of water and over-flowing.
These “catch pans” are only meant to catch small leaks. No catch pan is large enough to hold up to 30-50 gallons of water, like your water heater probably holds.

What to do: Keep an eye on the age of your water heater (see the sticker for the age) If it’s over 10 years old, check in monthly. They typically don’t last more than 12 years. A water heater that won’t stay lit or leaks is your sign that it is time to replace it. Waiting too long could cause a water flood in your home or basement. Replace them before they break, or call Archer Restoration if you need help cleaning up a water leak or busted water pipes in your home.