Decontamination – Air Cleaning

Decontamination & Air Cleaning for Commercial or Residential Property:

Are you worried about air pollution in your home or office? Then you need to use a thorough and efficient air scrubber to clean your facility. If there is an odor that you can’t seem to remove, or if you need to rid your home or office of toxins or contaminants that were once in the walls, on the floors, or in the air, then this is a service that is a necessity!

A HEPA air scrubber can help control and eliminate indoor air pollution. As you know, any pollution is harmful to your health, so it is very important to monitor the quality of air that you breathe. in large areas such as warehouses, commercial buildings, and our homes.

Air scrubbers are great machines to help clean the air, and they offer an immediate improvement within the environment. The air scrubbing action technology cleans the contaminants in the air, like a high-powered air purifier. It pulls in air and then traps airborne particles. After the machine cleans the air, it releases fresh air back into the facility.

What Type of Homes or Businesses Use an Air-Scrubber HEPA Machine?

· Hospitals use them to Clean the Air or Remove Contaminants

· Factories with Chemical Spills or Gasses

· Abandoned or Older Homes

· Buildings or Homes that Experience Water or Sewage Damage

· Asbestos Issues

· Mold or Mildew Issues

Our HEPA Air Scrubber is a Negative Air Machine. The Air Scrubber uses a HEPA filter to trap odors and contaminants with an efficiency rating of 99.97% . This technology will help indoor air quality to be restored quickly to a pre-loss condition, allowing the homeowner or business owner to recover their property and experience a complete restoration